• Snacks, cheese and dip
  • Red cocktail
  • Milkshake and dessert on the side


About us

North Ave. Market was started with a basic idea: to combine great food, drinks, and arcade games under one roof in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. Conceived in the Summer of 2018, Michael Shecter and Jaimes Mayhew put out the word that they were in search of restaurant partners to help spearhead this ambitious project. The team accomplished their vision by combining delicious burgers, fries, and milkshakes along with a catalog of fantastic arcade cabinets.

They handpicked some of the best arcade classics with input from the folks at MagFest, a local gaming non-profit. Additionally, the team partnered with a local gaming enthusiast to have cult favorite newer cabinets like Killer Queen available for play.

North Ave. Market is the story of passionate Baltimore entrepreneurs bringing a fresh entertainment concept to the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. We hope to see you there!