Ready? Play!

It's a bar. It's an arcade. It's a restaurant.

We get it, adult life is stressful. You know what’s not stressful? Playing some of the best arcade classics. Your inner child will be as happy as your outer adult. 


Blast space ships in Galaga, gobble ghosties in Ms. Pacman, and challenge your friends to rounds of Mortal Kombat to settle a score.

Eat + Drink

Handcrafted milkshakes made fresh with high quality ingredients. Burgers and fries to satisfy every craving. What’s not to love?


It’s more than just a bar and an arcade. It’s also your new favorite venue for events and private parties.

Our Games

Play all your arcade favorites, no quarters, tokens, or tickets required. Crazy, right?


Conquering the arcade is tough work. No need to do it on an empty stomach and without a milkshake in your hand.


Events are just cooler when you can go head to head with your friends in arcade games, aren’t they?